Arizona Parenting Information Program

Arizona Parenting Information Program

Each county in the state of Arizona has adopted its own Parent Information Program (PIP), also known as a Parent Education Program. The program was designed to provide parents with education on the impact caused by divorce, restructuring of families, and the judicial system has on children. Although each county’s course may differ, the Arizona Supreme Court is in charge of setting the minimum standards that must be covered within these classes and the qualifications of those presenting it.

Minimum Requirements of the Parent Information Program

As of January 1, 2013, the standards that were set forth for the Parent Information Program could be found pursuant A.R.S. § 25-351 Domestic relations education; plan; administration. These standards are the minimum standards in which Arizona counties must comply with in their PIP programs.

These standards are:

  • Teaching parents the emotional, psychological, physical, financial, and other long- or short-term effects of divorce on adults and children
  • Providing parties with the options available as an alternative to divorce
  • Share resources that are available to help improve or strengthen a marriage
  • Explaining the legal process of divorce and how options are available for mediation
  • The availability of resources available to the parties after a divorce

Each program is required to share the information regarding the notification requirements under section 25-403.05, subsection B. This section states that the child’s parent or custodian must immediately notify the other parent or custodian if they become aware that a convicted or registered sex offender, or someone convicted of a violent crime toward a child, has access to the child. This notification must be done via first class mail with a return receipt requested. Electronic means are also acceptable if the parent provided the email address for notification purposes.

Arizona Parenting Information Program

Compliance With A PIP Court Order

To remain in compliance with the court’s PIP order, you must do the following:

  • Attend the class
    • The parents must attend and complete the PIP class within 45 days from the date of service to the respondent.
  • Pay the class fee
    • The provider of the program will determine the class fee. You can apply for a deferment or waiver of the fee, but you must present the documentation to the provider when registering for the class.
  • Certificate of course completion
    • When the class is completed, the provider will e-file the certificate with the court, indicating completion and compliance with the petition.

Failure to attend the class within the allotted time can result in the judge not signing your papers and your requests being denied. You may also be denied the ability to seek modifications until it is completed.

Tips For Attending PIP Classes

To accommodate you better, providers ask that you arrive early to the class. You will be required to check-in and check-out for the participation to count. For identification verification purposes, you will need to bring your photo ID and your case number. If you do not know your case number, it should be on your petition requiring you to take the class. You should not bring your child with you to the class.

Please note that parents are not permitted to attend the same class sessions.

Seeking Legal Advice During This Time

Divorce is hard, and it is even harder for children who are stuck in the middle. When you are considering divorce, hire an experienced family law attorney to handle the details of your case. Your legal counsel can help advise you on all matters pertaining to your custody, parenting time, and divorce decree. Don’t wait and try to navigate proceedings on your own, call an experienced Arizona family law attorney today.

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