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Family Law Attorney Phoenix

Are you in need of a family law attorney in the Phoenix area? We encourage you to read on to discover more about AZ Family Law Team. Our sympathetic family law attorneys will provide you with family law services unique to your particular situation. We vow to protect your best interests while simultaneously offering you advice and assistance during the entire length of your family law case.

Although every case is significant, we have found that legal matters involving your close family members can truly change your life and often the lives of your family members as well. Because of this, it is vital that you attack family law cases head on with a professional, qualified Phoenix family law attorney working for you. The seasoned attorneys who comprise AZ Family Law Team will provide you with the guidance and expertise you need at this critical time in your life.


From divorce matters to child custody cases to adoptions, our Phoenix family law attorneys will work to understand all facets of your individual family law case and supply you with competent, quality representation during the duration of your case. Contact AZ Family Law Team now to set up a complimentary consultation with a family law attorney.

About AZ Family Law Team

Our Family Law Services

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The family law attorneys at AZ Family Law Team will work with you to determine the unique issues involved in your family law case and come up with legal representation that is best tailored to your individual needs. The family law services that we provide are therefore different for everyone. The options that are available from which you can choose are listed below.

1. Complete Legal Representation

Our Phoenix family law attorneys will give you qualified, full legal representation covering all facets of your family law case. This includes, but is not limited to, preparing and filing records and legal documents, consulting with other lawyers as needed, and representing you at all hearings and trials. This choice is the costliest alternative offered in our family law group, but will definitely provide you with the fullest and most complete legal representation in your family law case.

2. Legal Consultation Only

Another option that we at AZ Family Law Team offer to you, the client, is legal consulting only. Under this choice, you will meet with a family lawyer who will offer a legal assessment on different areas of your family law case. If you would like to represent yourself in court but wish to have your case reviewed by a qualified Phoenix family law attorney, this is the best choice for you.

3. Specific, Pre-Defined Areas Only

This option involves our family law team only representing you in specific and limited areas regarding your case which you do not feel competent to handle by yourself. If you are looking for a more inexpensive choice and are agreeable to take on specific parts of your family law case by yourself without the assistance of a Phoenix family law attorney, you will want to look at this option.

4. Paying as Services Are Rendered

In this relatively inexpensive option, a client will only pay for legal services as each service is performed, rather than initially paying a lawyer a large retainer. Some of our family law clients have discovered that this is the most effective choice for them.

Our Areas of Practice

The areas in which we offer sympathetic, competent specialization at AZ Family Law Team involve many different kinds of legal issues related to family law. Have you decided to end a marriage? Are you fighting for your rightfully deserved child or spousal support? Are you looking to spend more quality moments in your children’s company and would like this to be enforced by the court? Our Phoenix family law attorneys can assist you in all of these situations and more.

Contact us today to set up a complimentary initial consultation with a Phoenix family law attorney to talk about any of the family law matters listed below. Click on each family law matter to read some preparatory material prior to meeting with us.

Drafting Prenuptial Agreements

Our Phoenix family law attorneys will help you to draw up and plan original, inventive prenuptial agreements that will defend you or your spouse should your marriage ..


Obtaining Quality Time to Parent

The family lawyers of AZ Family Law Team will work hard to give noncustodial parents more quality, court-ordered time enjoying the company of their children.


Attaining Alimony

As some of the most qualified Phoenix family law attorneys, we vow to protect your financial interests and obtain for you the monthly amount that you need to feel safe and secure.


Dividing Property

AZ Family Law Team’s family lawyers will assist you in deciphering the sometimes confusing community property legislation of the state of Arizona. In so doing, will make sure that….


Mediating Family Law Matters

Our qualified, experienced Phoenix family law attorneys can mediate your family law challenges and assist you in reaching a resolution that is agreeable to all sides ….


Receiving Child Support

AZ Family Law Team has experience in attaining equitable, prompt child support arrangements and in making sure that any prior child support orders are properly enforced. ……….


Settling Child Custody Issues

Our roster of Phoenix family law attorneys are experts in attaining the best child custodial rights for you, as well as in making sure that you receive the custodial ….


Matters of Divorce

If you are confronted with the end of a marriage, the expert family law minds at AZ Family Law Team offer complete legal services for all types of matters of divorce, including those that ….


How Should I Prepare for My Consultation with a Family Law Attorney?

You are to be commended for having taken a large leap forward in attempting to resolve your family law issues by setting up a complementary initial meeting with one of the friendly Phoenix family law attorneys who make up AZ Family Law Team. We understand that you might be experiencing some apprehension and anxiety about your upcoming meeting. With that in mind, we are offering the following preparatory advice for you to help you to ready yourself for your initial consultation with a family law lawyer.

(1) How Long Will My Initial Consultation Take?

In our experience, the average initial consultation with a family law lawyer will last for an hour or so. As the qualified, experienced Phoenix family law attorneys comprising AZ Family Law Team, we know that we must have adequate time to inform ourselves about the nuances of your individual family law case. For that reason, we promise not to hurry you through your initial consultation. By the end of the consultation, we strive to have achieved a complete awareness of the ins and outs of your particular family law case. Additionally, we sincerely hope that you will leave our initial meeting with, at a minimum, a broad comprehension of your own legal options and rights. While some of this information might seem overwhelming to you right now, we predict that you will feel amazement at how quickly your initial consultation flies by.

(2) Be Ready to Discuss Emotional Matters with Your Attorney

As Phoenix family law attorneys, we at AZ Family Law Team know that most family law issues will bring up many different types of strong emotions. We want to make sure that you are emotionally ready to discuss these with us. We understand that we will have to ask you some difficult questions that may be tough to answer. We promise to pose these questions to you with the highest amount of sensitivity and respect for you as an individual. You should be ready to answer difficult questions or discuss things that you have never talked about with other people. We know that you might feel the need express your emotions when you are consulting with us. Therefore, if you display feelings such as (but not limited to) pain or anger during our meeting, we will expect this and handle it with grace and compassion.

(3) Collect Your Records and Documentation

In preparing for your initial consultation with a Phoenix family law attorney, you must collect all documentation that you currently have pertaining to your case. You should bring with you any orders or documentation that you have received from the court. If you are seeking a divorce, you must bring any documentation you have of the income, assets and debts of yourself and/or your partner. Your family law lawyer will be requesting additional documentation to support and present your case. Some of the records he or she might ask you to bring include your summons of divorce, any postnuptial or prenuptial agreements you may have, as well as any documentation of domestic incidents or violence and copies of orders of protection, if you possess any.

(4) Think About What You Wish to Achieve

Before your initial consultation with one of our family law attorneys at AZ Family Law Team, we ask you to think about what you wish to achieve regarding your case in family law. What would be your optimal outcome? What resolution do you desire? Also make sure that you are prepared to be completely honest with your family law attorney, as he or she will require full, truthful and exact information about your case in order to fully and effectively assist you in achieving your desired goals.
Contact AZ Family Law Team today to set up an initial consultation, at no cost to you, with a Phoenix family law lawyer. We will prove to you that hiring us will greatly improve your chances of achieving your desired resolution in your case. By calling us now, you are taking a giant leap towards the complete resolution of the family law case you are bringing to us.

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“A few years ago, I was confronted with an issue involving family law and had no idea what I should do or where I should turn. By speaking with a family law attorney, I immediately felt more relaxed as well as better informed about what I should do. Because I longed to be able to make others feel relaxed and help them in family law matters, I then decided to attend law school. My passion regarding family law stems from my own prior experiences, as well as my desire to help others who are experiencing family crises.”

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