When Can You Get an Annultment in Arizona?

When Can You Get an Annultment in Arizona

When Can You Get an Annulment in Arizona?

It is rare to hear of someone getting their marriage annulled in this day and age. People don’t get married as early in life as they used to. It’s more common to see people getting divorced or separated. However, there are still situations in which an annulment is your best option. If you aren’t sure how to go about doing this, an experienced Arizona divorce attorney can help. They’ll review your case and ask you the necessary questions to determine if an annulment is feasible. Since the law is very clear on when you can apply for an annulment, you want to make sure it’s handled perfectly. Here, we’ll discuss the basic requirements for an annulment in Arizona. We’ll also investigate the reasons for why you want an annulment in lieu of some other resolution.

There are Certain Requirements for Getting an Annulment

In Arizona, as in most other states, there are specific criteria for getting an annulment. The court doesn’t just grant them as soon as the application is submitted. Your spouse may not agree to the annulment. They may want to hold on to the marriage for some reason. Or you may not qualify for an annulment. If this is the case, you still have options.

In order to know if you’ll qualify for an annulment, it’s a good idea to review the below requirements in Arizona:

  • Your spouse (or you) was married to someone else at the time of the marriage
  • The two of you discover that you’re related by blood
  • You were intoxicated at the time the wedding took place
  • You learn that your spouse doesn’t have the mental capacity to be married
  • You were forced to get married
  • You and your wife or husband have not had sex since the date of the wedding

These criteria are not exhaustive. However, they make up the more common reasons for getting their marriage annulled. Your Arizona divorce attorney can give you a better idea if you’ll qualify for an annulment.

Is There a Deadline for Requesting an Annulment?

There is not a hard-fast rule for how long you have to apply for an annulment. However, the longer you wait to request one, the harder it will be to convince the court that it’s warranted. For example, if you’ve been married for over a year, it’ll be hard to demonstrate that you were forced into the marriage. The same is true for lack of consummation. If you have been together for a long time, you’ll be hard pressed to show that you never had sexual relations with your spouse. Your attorney will have to document this fact and hunt down evidence to show that this is the case. That’s why it’s a better idea to meet with an attorney sooner rather than later.

An Experienced Arizona Divorce Attorney Can Help

If you’ve recently married somebody and realize it was a mistake, you may have options. While annulments are rare today, they do happen. The law in Arizona does still provide for an annulment. However, they’re only granted in certain situations. If you aren’t sure what you should do, it’s a good idea to call and speak with an experienced Arizona divorce attorney. They can review your case and let you know how best to proceed. Depending on the facts of your case, and annulment may be possible. Worst case, you may have to take the route of a traditional divorce. The good news is that your lawyer can answer any questions you may have and help you reach the best outcome possible.