Are Divorced Parents Required to Pay for College in Arizona?

Are Divorced Parents Required to Pay for College in Arizona

Are Divorced Parents Required to Pay for College in Arizona?

A lot of parents hate to discuss their children’s college tuition until they have to. Maybe you’ve been putting money aside for years. Or you may be banking on your kids earning a scholarship. Either way, talking about money can be a very uncomfortable thing to do. It only gets more uncomfortable if you’re already divorced. Without a court order requiring your ex-spouse to pay a certain proportion of the kids’ college tuition, you won’t have a lot of leverage. However, if you want to hear what your options are, just call our office and talk to our friendly staff.

Arizona Doesn’t Require Child Support for Kids Over 18

Arizona is one the states that do not require both parents to contribute their child’s college education. Usually, the marital settlement agreement will include language about college tuition. It will also contain a section that deals with a 529 plan so both spouses can contribute to a college fund for their children. If none of these things are laid out in detail in your marital settlement agreement, things may become complicated. The good news is that your Arizona divorce lawyer can try to untangle this sort of mess on your behalf. They’ll negotiate with the other parent’s attorney to try to muster up some money for college tuition.

You and Your Ex Can Sign a Separate Contract Regarding the Children’s Tuition

If, for some reason, you and your ex didn’t agree on college tuition, you can always draft a new contract. This will work the same way as your divorce order. The only thing that will be missing is a court order and a judge’s signature. You can ask your Arizona divorce lawyer to talk to your ex’s attorney and see if this is possible. If you have not made any final decisions, this is something you and your ex can work out on your own. Once you get the court involved in your family’s life, you’ll find that you lose the freedom to raise your children the way you see fit.

You May Want to Set Aside Some Money Now

If you and your spouse are serious about wanting to put their kids through college, it’s never too early to start. Some parents start from the month their baby is born. They set up a 529 plan that will release the funds as needed to pay for tuition, books or other school supplies. This money will add up over the years. And all you can do is try to convince your spouse to do the right thing and agree to an arrangement that is fair. To put things into perspective, the average cost for a 4-year degree in Arizona is approximately $ 53,600. For people who are not residents of Arizona end up paying over $158,000 for a 4-year degree from a private university.

Talk to One of Our Seasoned Arizona Divorce Lawyers

If you are being asked to pay your child’s college tuition, you should call an experienced Arizona divorce lawyer right away. When your kids are in their senior year of high school, they’ll have to decide whether they want to go to college. They’ll also decide where they want to go to school. This means that both parents are going to need to nail down some sort of agreement before December of your child’s senior year. If you don’t feel you should have to pay these fees, call and talk to one of our Arizona divorce lawyers. They’ll review your case and give you their honest opinion. Just remember – if you and your ex go to court over this issue, your ex-spouse will likely have an attorney. That means you should bring one too. This way, you don’t get taken advantage of. Call and speak with someone from our office to schedule your initial meeting and learn are Divorced Parents Required to Pay for College in Arizona.