An Adoption Home Visit in the State of Arizona

adoption home visit

An Adoption Home Visit in the State of Arizona

Many people who are going through the adoption process in the state of Arizona fear the in-home visit portion of the adoption. However, there is nothing to fear with these visits. The professional doing the visit does not expect your home to be perfect; they only want to ensure it is a safe environment for a child and that the family is ready to accept a new member. There are two different parts of the pre-adoption visit that a potential adoptive family will undergo. These are the home inspection and the interview.

Home Inspection

The home inspection will involve you and your social worker touring your home. The social worker is looking to see if necessary safety measures have been implemented. These have to be in place before you can bring the child into your home. You aren’t going to fail if these features aren’t completed before the visit, because the worker is there to help you make sure you don’t forget anything.

The primary safety features:

  • Electrical outlet covers in place
  • Fences present around pools
  • Window screens in place
  • Gates on stairs
  • Any firearms, toxic liquids, chemicals, and medications stored where they are not easily accessible or are locked up
  • Emergency plans and procedures in place for natural disasters, fires, and medical emergencies

Family Member Interviews

The second step of the in-home visit with an Arizona social worker will interview each family member. The social worker is only seeking information to learn more about you and your family. During this conversation, the social worker will look into the following:

  • The family’s knowledge about adoption. This includes the cultural and racial diversity that could be present, what to expect raising an adoptive child, the possible issues a child may encounter, the relations of the birth family, and the process of adoption in the state of Arizona.
  • Your general thoughts on Arizona adoptions
    • The social worker wants to know your excitement about the opportunity to adopt, your views on how the process is handled, and how you want the children you adopt to feel about being adopted.
  • Your hobbies, careers, family dynamics and interests, personal values, individual upbringings, backgrounds, and any other topic that may affect the way you parent your child. What experiences and traditions you want for your child after adoption.
  • How your family relationships are unified and the feelings you have about the adoption and the potential adopted child.

After the Interview

After the interview has been completed, there will be a home study report completed by the social worker. This report will detail all of the findings made during the visit with your family. These reports often include:

  • Social history
  • Status of the family’s finances
  • Religious background
  • Mental or physical health conditions
  • Any previous cases of child abuse, abandonment, dependency or termination of parent and child relationships
  • The family’s fitness to adopt

After completing the report, the social worker will probably allow for a review of the report to ensure its accuracy. Once the agency accepts this report, your home study will be complete.

Legal Advice and the Adoption Process

Although a lawyer does not need to be present for the adoption processes, it is often recommended that anyone looking to adopt in Arizona have their own legal representation. The reason for this is because many people do not know all the rights they are entitled to in Arizona when it comes to adoption. If you are looking to become an adoptive parent, make sure you obtain knowledgeable legal counsel in Arizona.

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